Развернутая программа поездки по Германии

1. Day. Wednesday, 18.10.00 Vosswinkel

Route via Hannover on the street A2 uver Bielefeld - Hamm. Highway - exit Nr. 18 left on the B 63 direction Werl and further on on the highway A 445. On exit nr, 62 "Arnsberg-Neheim" turn right on the B 7 to Vosswinkel.

18 00 H German choir will be waiting for you at


Church at market square Vosswinkel

59823 Arnsbeirg - Vosswinkel


welcoming and distribution of the people to the German families (by now 42 will stay in families and 13 in a youth hostel, 10 minutes by bus)


Dinner in families or hostel (no costs)



2. Day, Thursday, 19.10.00 Soest - Concert

After breakfast in families trip to Soest (35 km) (old German town). Short City visit and free time,


Individual lunch


In ihe early afternoon way back over Mohnesee - damm to families. Dinner in farniiies or hostel (no costs).


18.30 H 5 minutes bus-drive to a neighbouring city to a church and possibility to make an rehearsal


19.30 H Sacred concert in a church (only your choir)


Afterwards either back to families or possibility to visit an old pub in Arnsberg

with the German singers and free time (individual costs)


3. Day, Friday, 20.10.00     Barbecue - Concert


After breakfast in families excursion to the deer - forest Vosswinkel with barbecue (nocosts)


Afternoon back to families and smal) snack


Early evening possibility for rehearsal.


19.30 H worldly concert (MGV Vosswinkel and your choir) in the "Schutzenhalle Vosswinkel"

after concert meeting and socialising with the German singers in the Schutzenhalle (vouchers for drinks)


4. Day, Saturday, 21.10.00 Iserlohn - Concert


10.00 H Departure over the B7 througn Menden - Hemer directfon Iserlohn. On highway entry nr. 49 ''Seilersee Heman" on the highway A 46 til exit nr. 45

"Iserlohn Zentrum" . Here turn right and after few meters right again and then straight until! you find B7 again. Here turn right and go straight to "Iserlohn-Grune"


11.00 H Welcome by the German choir at (this is the choir who had been your guests on 02.07.00)


Pfarrheim Iserlohn Grune


socialising and lunch in Pfarrheim (no costs)

afterwards distribution and to families


late afternoon rehearsal for concert


evening concert with the MGV Lossel


afterwards meeting arid diner (no costs)


5. Day, Sunday, 22.10.00 Duisburg


Breakfst in families.


10.00 H Leaving over Hagen on the highway A 45 direction Castrop RauxeL. On the exit Castrop-Rauxel further on on the highway AB 42 to Duisburg. On exit number 6 "Duisburg - Hamborn" leave the highway and turn direction Dinslaken and follow street to Walsum.


11.30 H Welcome by German choir at restaurant


"Zur Einigkelt" BahnhofstraBe 93 47178 Duisburg


little snack (no costs) and distribution of the singers to families (40 persons in families. 15 in two simple hotels)


14.30 H Rehearsal at Stadthalle Walsum 47178 Duisburg


17.00 H Beginning of the concert In participation with the German choir


After concert meeting and socialising in the restaurant (no costs)


23.00 H back to families or hotels


6. Day, Monday, 23.10.00 Kevelaer - Xanten - Aldekerk Concert


Breakfast in families


10.00 H Excursion to Kevelaer (60 km). Visit of church with possibility to sing one or two songs.

Short city visit.

Further to Xanten (20km)

Organized lunch (meal for free)

afterwards further to Aldekerk (30 km)


16.00 H Welcome with a little drink short

rehearsal in church St. Peter and Paul


17.30 H Diner


19.00 H Beginning of concert


20 15 H a few drinks in the presbitary


21 00 H back to Duisburg - Walsum (42 km) back to families or hotel


7. Day, Tuesday. 24.10.00        Pfedelbach


After breakfast In families departure to Pfedelbach (410 km)


eventually free time in Cologne


Route over highway A 3 over Frankfurt and over route A67 and mule A6. After Heilbronn leave

highway on exit Nr. 40 "Ohringen" and take direction Pfedelbach


17.00H Welcoming in

Erich-Fritz-Halle Ohringerstrase 11 74629 Pfedelbach


distribution of singers and snack in families


19.00 H official welcome in the Erich-Fritz-Halle

wine tasting and some dinner

afterwards back to families


8. Day, Wednesday, 25.10.00         Audi √ Hellronn


Breakfast in families


07.45 H Departure from the Erich-Fritz-Halle to AUDI-company in Neckarsulm (30 km)


08.30 H Visit of the factory (no costs)


10.00 H After visit to Heilbronn (6km) free time and individual lunch


15,30 H Meeting point "bus station Heilbronn" departure to Pfedelbach


16.00 H Arrival in Pfedelb^ch and to families little snack


19,00 H Rehearsal in Erich - Fritz - Halle

20.00 H Concert


drinks and some snack after the concert (no costs)


9. Day, Thursday. 26.10.00    7???? - Schwarzach


After breakfast departure (plans not clear yet) (Pfedelbach - Schwarzach - 75 km)

(description and exact meeting point in Schwarzach will follow)


17.00 H Welcome by German choir in


74869 Schwarzach


10. Day, Friday. 27.10.00


Breakfast in families


10.00 H Departure to Sinsheim (20km) and visit of Car-Technology-Museum (costs not sure yet)


programme not clear yet

18.30 H Rehearsal (where?)

20.00 H Beginning of concert


11. Day, Saturday, 28.10.00        Heidelberg - Birkenau Concert


after breakfast departure to Heidelberg (30 km) and free time with individual lunch


13.00 H Departure over route B3 to Birkenau


14.00 H Welcome by German choir in


Sangerhelm of the choir

Street: Tuchlelche (close to elemantary school)

69488 Birkenau


distribution to families


16.00 H German choir will have rehearsal

during this eventually a short visit or some free time in Birkenau for your group (time of your rehearsal not sure yet)


19.30 H Beginning of concert


afterwards meeting and socialising with dinner with German choir (no costs)


12. Day. Saturday, 29.10,00 City Hall Birkenau - WIno tasting


After breakfast official welcome in the city hall of Birkenau


Afterwards back to families and lunch


15.00 H Excursion through Odenwald and along the Bergstrase (ca. 100 km)


18.00 H Wine tasting and snack in


Welngut Mohr 64625 Bensheim


(no costs)


afterwards back to families


13. Day, Monday, 30.10.00 Departure to Russia


ca. 10.00 H after breakfast departure